News: Microsoft Office 2010 Keynote

Microsoft Office 2010 Keynote

Hey has anybody tried Microsoft Office 2010 yet? It looks like they had their major Keynote today (2010-05-12). Being an IT guy I am looking forward to rolling this out in my company. I liked the ribbon when it was introduced in Office 2007 & with Office 2010 it looks like they have refined this look. One of the programs that will benefit the most from this new release is PowerPoint. PowerPoint will have new 'built-in' video editing, new transitions and a tool to show PowerPoint's over the web.

Of course the big features most people will need to learn to use are the Web Apps. With everything going into the 'Cloud' this will be an important feature. For most business, SharePoint will become more and more important. With Microsoft Office Professional and SharePoint people will be able to use the Web Apps to coordinate files and versions. We will have to wait to see if they work well out of the box or will need patches later on.

Office Mobile 2010 is also new for this version of Office. Windows Mobile 6.5 looks like it will work with Office 2010 & will for sure work with the upcoming Mobile 7. A few big features for Mobile will be a PowerPoint controller add-on that allows a presenter to control the PowerPoint from a phone & linking SharePoint with your phone.

Once the Home and Student edition comes out (2010-06-15) it should be a good bargain. For $150 this license gives you Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint & Word for 3 computers, not a bad deal.

If you have any good videos for 2010 please let me know.

-Josh Delcore

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Looking forward to MS Office 2010! The Web Apps feature sounds promising :)

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