Forum Thread: I need to save the file at any cost.

The problem with a fairly large file. The last time it somehow completely unsuccessfully closed, and now when I try to open it via MS Outlook 6.0, the program tells me about an error, after which I can not move forward now - Outlook Express could not open this folder. I would have forgotten about this file, if not for the fact that it contained a database database consisting of contacts, messages, other data. I really hope for your help.

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Some triggers which can cause corruption of pst recovery online

  1. Corruption of PST file can be caused by virus infection or human or software errors specially when the file is opened and modified incorrectly.
  1. Improper shutdown of the system before exiting the Outlook application.
  1. It also happens when the PST exceeds the size of 2GB. When this error happens, the PST file cannot be found and Outlook will not synchronize.

When you don't know what to undertake with the case of how to fix .pst file, I would suggest you various methods with different effectiveness

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