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Microsoft Ribbon Hero

Microsoft Ribbon hero is an application that turns the office into game. It is designed to boost skill and knowledge in Microsoft Office's latest version. It is released with office 2007 as a social game for increases productivity in office applications. It is compatible with Microsoft Excel 2007, Microsoft Word 2007, and Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 as well as those three programs in Microsoft Office 2010, available as a beta download.

It is a prototype training tools introduced by the office lab groups which makes the office 2010 worth the price. This free tool is designed in such a way that it changed our view about user training and offer increased productivity. The main theme is to encourage people competing for achievements which mean the better use of the feature included in office 2010. Without knowing about the new features one cannot complete the game level. It is designed in a way to fit well into the regular Office workflow, without being too much distraction.

Working with this application is very easy. Users have to download this tool from office lab. Then they can start scoring points. There are two methods for earning points. One is just by using the applications. There are score for every command. One can score point using different feature such as italic, bold, Underline etc. Another method is by playing challenge games. Here the game challenges are designed to train specific skills. By unlocking different game levels one can score max 300 point. Even they can compare their points, advancements with other people too. All they have to do is to connect their Facebook accounts with Microsoft ribbon Hero. Anyone can publish their milestone they have completed in the game. The instructions tutorial videos of these games are available in

In most cases software training and tutorial training sources are written by technical editors. And workings with these are painful. This game is the result of Microsoft's huge research on the idea of application training through gaming. It included short relevant tasks with feedback and reinforcement and difficulty in game challenges with speed and time. So the people attracted to Dragons, Dungeons are attracted to it because of its innovative features. Every program like word, excel, or PowerPoint has its own particular games.

In initial stage people think of it as an entertaining game. But it's useful capabilities to increase skill surprise people day by day.

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