News: Overview of New features in Microsoft Office 2010

Overview of New features in Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft office 2010 is the successor version of office 2007 and is code named as office 14. It is the first 64 bit version of office which is only compatible with Microsoft service pack 3, Windows vista and windows 7. It was released on April 15, 2010. It is the first Microsoft application which offers free online version of word, excel, PowerPoint and one note. These can be easily used with all the popular browsing software. The various functionality which are added in office2010 are described below in brief:-

Introducing web based of application:

For the first time Microsoft offers free web browser version of word, excel,  PowerPoint etc. Though these versions do not include all the functions, they do offer some basic functionality.

PowerPoint 2010:

It has been upgraded in various ways. It offers a browser version. But the main attractive feature is the inclusion of video editing tools which are very simples to use. The image editing tool is similar to the function of adobe Photoshop but in a simple way. So that anyone who creates a PowerPoint slideshow can share it in a web browser. The sharing process is easy. You just have to send an email with the link of the presentation. By clicking the link anyone can see the slideshow in the browser version. This feature is also available for mobile phone browsers.

Excel 2010

Like PowerPoint the excel spreadsheets can also be shared in the browser through the desktop version. In comparison with the desktop version the browser version has limited function but it is more helpful than Google spreadsheets. The new features "Sparklines" can give the visual snapshot image of data. It ensures more security. It allows a user to define who can access the document.

Word 2010   

It preserves the same look in both the desktop and the browser version. This opportunity is termed as "document fidelity" The browser version also included the ribbon interface & allows the user to change fonts, size or format. In the browser version, multiple users can edit a file at the same time. The visual navigation panel and section header breakdown makes it easy to jump to any section of the page.

Outlook 2010

It has also the ribbon user interface. It is upgraded to make the application more effective. Here a message can be displayed as a tree to have a more precise view of the incoming messages. The improved search function makes it easier to find any content easily..

SharePoint 2010

It offers a greater web based environment for working together easily. This increases the productivity of the individuals

As Microsoft 2010 offers web based browser versions and ensures more security features, it should be very popular. Of course, does anybody who works at an office have a choice?

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