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Forum Thread: OST to PST File SUPPORT to MS

This software is one of the best software in the market,it help to recover our important OST files, data and drafts, even slove the all troubles releated about OST files - i.e- deleted files,data,events, tasks, notes,etc.and oner of the best think of this software its support the all versions of MS outlook i.e- outlook97,98,2000,xp,2010,2016 etc. this software deal with all minor and major issued releated about OST data.

Forum Thread: How do I fix a corrupted mpp file?

I was analyzing the data and when I had almost finished the report on the resources used in MS Project 2016. The system crashed due to a power outage and I can not open the file with my work and send it to the boss. The program tells me about the error - Project can not recognize this file format. Do you want to open this file only as text? Trying to open this file from another computer was unsuccessful. I do not have any good idea how to cope with this trouble.

Forum Thread: PST File Is Empty, How Can I Recover Mails?

MS Outlook is one of the most sought-after email clients which stores data in Personal Storage Tables or PST format. Despite its popularity and widespread usage, the application is prone to corruption, and in most cases, the user is unable to resolve the problem. One such error when Outlook becomes reachable due to 'PST file is Empty' generates kerfuffle. Such errors are fixed either with an inbuilt utility like Scanpst.exe or by installing a professional software.

Forum Thread: how can I open a damaged scrawl?

A couple of days ago there was an emergency power outage and everything went out in time - including my PC. MICROSOFT WORD 2007, can not open the file. The standard recovery procedure can not help me. Can I still hope for his discovery or is it all meaningless? Advise what to do in this situation.

Forum Thread: I need to save the file at any cost.

The problem with a fairly large file. The last time it somehow completely unsuccessfully closed, and now when I try to open it via MS Outlook 6.0, the program tells me about an error, after which I can not move forward now - Outlook Express could not open this folder. I would have forgotten about this file, if not for the fact that it contained a database database consisting of contacts, messages, other data. I really hope for your help.

Forum Thread: I ran out of all assumptions.

I've been working on a project in Project 15.0 for more than a month. And now, perhaps because of a system crash, I can not open the file with my work and send it to the boss. The program tells me about the error - Project can not recognize this file format. Do you want to open this file as text only? I tried to open the desired file from another PC, but the result is the same. What can be done with this? I ran out of all assumptions.

Forum Thread: Help Solve This Problem.

I use MICROSOFT PROJECT 2010 during my work in the office, I have limited time, so I was furious with the error, this program gave out. An unexpected problem occurred when opening the file. The file may be corrupted. Try using a backup. Help solve this problem, because the guys from those support still did not help me, I complained to their boss but the file is still not saved.

Forum Thread: Cdr File Damaged

There is a corrupted file format .cdr CorelDraw version 10. Is there any possibility of recovery (recommendations for file recovery on refer only to the 7th version of the product - not suitable; to restore by importing into other programs, other program, of course also causes the error)

Forum Thread: How to Use Microsoft Service

Microsoft Word is a graphical word processing program. it is developed by the Microsoft. Microsoft Word is to manage and share the document, edit and create a variety of documents such as email, books, report, and letters, including resumes and it is to create a business document such as pictures, charts, diagram including graphic design.

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