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Windows Live SkyDrive

Windows Live SkyDrive which is initially termed as Windows live folders is one of the parts of Microsoft Windows online service. It is a password protected service that allow users to store file and share them with others. Here the windows live id is required to access the users profile. Anyone can make his/her files private or public. Public share file are easy to access without requiring any Windows live id.

Initially it was available only few states in United States. But nowadays it expanded its range. In 2008 its storage capacity is upgraded from 5GB to 25GB storage for personal use. But the individual file should be within 50MB. One can upload 5 files at a time. The special features of skydrive are described briefly:

Windows Live Photos

Windows live photo is a part of SkyDrice service. It allows users to upload photo. If shared they can be accessed by other users through a web browser. Photos can be showed as slideshow by using sliverlight application. Photos can be arranged in Album. File can be easily moved, copied and deleted in the storage space. In particular pictures of people can be tagged and these files can be downloaded as zip files. Some additional feature will also show the camera information.

Office Web Apps

In skydrive Microsoft office documents can also be uploaded.  These files can be edited or shared by using a browser. It includes some basic functions of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, One Note to edit the files stored in skydrive storage.

Favorites sharing

Skidrive is integrated with windows live toolbar. So that bookmarked web links can be shared. The links can also be arranged in a separate folder which functions are similar to Windows live favorites.  Searching history of Bing's files can also to be stored.

Windows Live Groups integration.

As in a social networking site, it allows the users to form groups for better communication. Groups can be formed for particular interests. Each group is allotted storage of 5GB which can be used by the group members. In a group, members are privileged with the opportunity of uploading, sharing files within that group.

RSS feeds

Users can be subscribed to the public folders and can get up-to-date information by using RSS feeds. The preview image of the files with necessary links is stored in the feeds.

 Downloadable .zip file

File downloading from skydrive is easy. Whole directories can be downloaded as a compressed zip file.

 Windows live Skydrive is gaining popularity for offering better facilities to users. Look for it to change how you work and play on the internet.

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